Order my delicious Bake-Your-Own Apple Pies, made to order for delivery to your home!





Here's a shot of the frozen pie, all ready to pop in your oven on a preheated cookie sheet, so you can take all the credit when it fills up your home with a delicious baked aroma! It's easy -- I include baking directions with every pie, so you can't make a mistake. The pies keep for weeks in your freezer. A friend ordered one last year, then promptly forgot about it. 7 months later, she found it, baked it, and told me it was the best ever! Each pie is made to order, never from inventory. Below is a pie my husband baked -- his Facebook page said "so easy, a caveman can do it"!



Apple Pies, ready to bake in your kitchen, $30.00 each. Includes free delivery to your location in Racine.

Need help ordering? Just call me at 262-770-0251 any time. Thanks for your order!