I'm Lizz Fabel, and I've been a personal chef and cooking teacher in Racine since 1996. Here I am at my own 50th birthday party, which of course I catered myself. I love the "staff" T-shirts my pals decided to wear to help out! It was all their idea.

I'm so interested in sharing the idea that food can be healthy and delicious at the same time when prepared properly, that I decided to start cooking for anyone who eats dinner, but doesn't like shopping, cooking, and cleaning it up. I'm constantly thinking about new flavors to try, and different ways to make dinner more interesting. And baking bread is my passion. I'll make dinners and breads for your enjoyment when you don't have time to cook, custom made to order HERE, too! All the information on how to order, etc. is right there. Call me with questions!

Visit me at the Milaeger's Great Lakes Farmers Market all year round (Douglas Ave. and 4 Mile Road, Racine). I'll be selling my famous Flax Seed Whole Wheat, Cocoa-Coffee-Caraway Rye, and Multi-Seeded White breads, as well as Ciabatta Rolls, Savory Vegetable Pies, and Energy Cakes, and making lots of friends in the process. Free samples are always the rule! Come and say hi.

--Chef Lizz